Elder Wisdom on I2SP



Thinking like our ancestors has kept Indigenous people thriving on this earth for generations and generations. Relying on intergenerational wisdom has helped our people to heal, to live in balance, to resolve conflict and has provided instructions and teachings to be a good human being. However, due to the lasting impacts of intergenerational trauma, Native communities, families and individuals often struggle with things like negativity, lateral oppression, addictions, violence, unhealthy relationships and more. These negative cycles are holding our people back by holding each other down. For years, many young people have asked, “when are you (the older generations) going to stop laterally oppressing each other?” Wow. What a powerful question.

To help break these unhealthy cycles, the Native Wellness Institute is launching a generational effort to bring awareness and opportunities for healing for the 20-something generation with the intent of making a drastic shift in ending the lingering toxicity of intergenerational trauma so that future generations will inherit the values that guided our ancestors to live positive, productive and proactive lives.

The Indigenous 20-Something Project (I2SP) has been shaped and will be led by Indigenous young people who are in their 20’s. Every generation heals in different ways and NWI knows the 20-Something generation and the I2SP will have an impact on all generations past, present and future.

This important work will include 20-Somethings gathering together and engaging in processes and dialogue that build trust, friendships and opportunities for healing and continued collaboration. This powerful and exciting work will help this generation help each other to move forward in life in a meaningful way while also creating a blue print for other generations to follow.

“They will live longer and have more options to live large.”

“They are our ancestor’s dream. They are the sovereignty warriors.”

“They’re THE generation. The right now.”

We must continue to do the impactful healing work that has been done for many decades and we must also create new strategies and approaches in order to make a bigger impact in ending these unhealthy cycles.

We are calling upon individuals, organizations, businesses and tribes to contribute financially to this effort by supporting our young people to take their well-being into their own hands.

“They are proactively thinking the legacy they will leave.”

-Jillene Joseph, Native Wellness Institute

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